From: Marifran King, Stately Grace
As an Interior Designer with my own business, it is important for me to build strong relationships with the companies I select to provide products for my clients. Wendy Dorton called me Friday to check in, and she has been proactively reaching out to me during this quarantine to see if she can help me with my projects. Her call reminded me of how grateful I am to have her, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate her level of service.

I'm not the largest design firm, but Wendy treats me and my clients as though we are VIPs. I can count on Wendy to deliver amazing solutions, make my clients happy, and, most importantly, help get the selections finalized and ordered. She makes herself available with short notice, delivers pricing quickly, proactively follows up with me, and offers to help find alternative solutions if needed. I bring clients to Metro Lighting even if my commission payout may be lower, because of the level of service I receive.

I just wanted you to know that I consider Wendy a very important part of my team, and Metro Lighting has become my first choice for my clients' lighting and home decor needs. Thank you so much, and I hope you stay well and your business continues to prosper!
From: Melissa Haynes, Melbrooke Interiors
I wanted to take a minute to bring to your attention the service that I've consistently received from Wendy Dorton. She is absolutely amazing! I cannot say enough nice things about her. I know that any time I reach out to her with a request or an inquiry she's going to respond to me very quickly with exactly what I've asked for. Additionally, she is very creative and resourceful.

Several weeks ago I had a big dilemma with a client who needed to buy several more fixtures to match existing fixtures in a commercial setting. We didn't originally purchase the fixtures through Metro. I went to order more for my client, only to learn that they were no longer available. I called Wendy with my problem because I knew if anyone could help me out of my predicament it would be her. Wendy spent a great deal of time and effort locating some fixtures, which were kind of unusual looking, that were very close to the originals. I was so grateful, as was my client.

In a world and time when good customer service is at a premium, it is so refreshing to work with a professional like Wendy. I just thought someone should know about my experiences with her. She's awesome!
From: Christopher

I do not write messages like this very often, but in this case I felt compelled to tell you about how wonderful Sam was to my wife and I while choosing lighting for our new construction home.

G'sell Contracting sent us to your company and recommended Sam as our Representative. I am so glad they did! Not only did Sam listen to all of our needs and styles for what we were looking for up front, she made sure to take her time with each individual light we looked at to make sure it would match our style and type of home. She made us feel extremely comfortable during the process, which ultimately allowed us to carefully choose the best lighting fixtures we could. Anything from a $20 light to $500 per light did not matter. She explained pros/cons for everything.

COVID has made this time very difficult as everything is on backorder. Our appliances, furniture, your company's lights are all backordered. Well Sam is the only one out of all of the different companies we are dealing with to constantly call us and keep us informed. We still have a few lights left to come and be installed because of backorder issues, but we know it is worth the wait since Sam allowed us to choose what we know was right for our home. We even called and asked to buy another light after one was installed because we didn't like the way it looked. There was no hesitation to help, there was no sigh of having to do more work... Nothing of the sort. She immediately said, "Whatever you need, I will help you!"

If there is anything your company offers in terms of recognition, I highly ask that you shine brightly on Sam and let her know how wonderful she is to work with; and how lucky your company is to have someone who is outstanding in what they do.

Thank you for your time and allowing me to recognize Sam for her extraordinary efforts!
From: Tim
I want to thank you all at Metro Lighting. Everyone has been gracious, helpful, and professional.

Having several lights damaged during the construction of our new home, you all reordered and installed new lights to provide solutions to our problems. You stood behind your product.

Thanks also to the technician sent to reinstall the lights when they arrived. He was polite, helpful, and professional. He did a perfect job!

Working with Metro Lighting has been a pleasure. I would have no reservations recommending your business, should the opportunity arise.