Metro Lighting Sustainability Policy and Commitment

Metro Lighting develops, promotes, and implements sustainable practices through education, community partnerships, and performance management.

Metro Lighting’s Approach to Sustainability
We believe sustainability is a term that encompasses taking care of the environment, economy, and the community in a way that allows present and future generations to thrive. Sustainability is less a specific outcome than a means to an end; it involves all aspects of our company. We approach sustainability by taking the long term into account and recognizing the integrated nature of the world today and that natural resources are not infinite. Our sustainable approach embeds these concepts in our day-to-day decisions and aligns these interests and actions with our outside vendors and partners.

Metro Lighting’s Vision
At Metro, we strive to achieve an exceptional quality of life for all generations and leave a legacy of environmental stewardship. By working together with the community, ENERGY STAR, EarthWays Center, St. Louis Earth Day, our vendors, Metro’s Green Team and other partners we can achieve a positive and lasting impact. Through education, internal environmental commitments, LED retrofits, and providing our customers ENERGY STAR products we help to fight climate change. When we build safe, healthy and vibrant communities that are energy efficient we minimize any negative environmental impacts in order to conserve the natural resources that sustain us all.

Metro Lighting’s Action Plan
Metro’s sustainable action plan includes; purchasing 30% recycled paper products; sustainable cleaning products for our facilities; no idling and smoking policies; retrofitting our own facilities to ENERGY STAR certified and energy efficient products; and a commitment to reducing our energy consumption with renewable energy, energy saving devices, and recycling.

Metro Lighting Encourages our Customers and Vendors to Take Action
We encourage all of our staff, customers, and vendors to take the ENERGY STAR Pledge to take energy saving actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help protect our climate for years to come. Metro also encourages its partners and customers to sign up to Ameren Missouri’s Pure Power program.