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Wall Sconces
Wall sconces can be used in numerous locations in your home and provide a variety of effects such as general lighting, task lighting, and/or accent lighting.

In a hallway, place sconces every 8-10 feet at a height of 66-72 inches above the floor. This should provide adequate lighting. If you select a sconce that uses a lower wattage bulb, you may want to supplement it with some recessed down lights and/or lights in the hall closet if the hall lighting is not bright enough to impact the closet area.

Using sconces on either side of an entry way can serve as an invitation into the area. Placed on either side of a fireplace, sconces provide a soft glow to accent the area. Sconces also work as night-lights for almost any area.

In great rooms with high, vaulted ceilings, wall sconces can provide the main source of lighting as well as enhance the beauty of the vault. Choose a sconce with the bulb pointing up and a style that accepts a higher wattage bulb. The placement of wall sconces depends on the height of the wall and where you need the light. Generally, 66-72 inches above the floor is a recommended height. In a room with a vaulted ceiling, you may want to raise them slightly.

In bedrooms, placing sconces on either side of the bed, instead of lamps, provide task lighting for reading in addition to creating a cozy atmosphere.
Flush Mounts
Flush mount fixtures are a good source of general lighting in almost every area of the home.

In an entry area, avoid sudden changes in light intensity from the foyer to hall and living areas.

Hallway lighting should be bright enough to light stairs, corners, and any other potential hazardous areas. The light should be bright enough to distinguish a blue coat from black, but not bright enough for reading.

Center lights in bedrooms or studies can provide a general source of soft lighting.

Functional ceiling lights in closets and pantries will assist you in identifying the items you need and help sort colors of clothes in closets.

Florescent lighting in a work area such as a kitchen or laundry room offers an even light, delivering three times the light per watt of an incandescent bulb and lasts 10 to 20 times longer. For this reason, consider fluorescent fixtures in areas where changing bulbs is inconvenient.