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Exterior Lighting
Exterior Lighting
Exterior lighting should not only enhance the beauty of your home but also add safety and security for you and your guests. It can make a dramatic first impression as well as illuminate house numbers, locks, and changes in walk surface levels. Plus, for security, allows you to identify visitors before opening your doors.

Choose the correct size fixture for the scale of your home by stepping out to the street and visualizing how the fixture will appear from the street. Remember that a wall fixture that is 24 inches tall will look smaller on a large home and will diminish the overall scale of a small home.

To create a warm, welcoming look, select two wall mounted fixtures on either side of your entry at a height of approximately 66 inches and, when possible, space about four feet apart.

Under a soffit, overhang or porch, you can choose from a recessed fixture, chain hung or flush mount. Additional entries can be lighted with a single wall mounted fixture placed on the doorknob side of the entrance.

For additional safety and convenience, we recommend mounting a floodlight fixture with a motion sensor above the garage door. This fixture will turn on automatically when you drive up and when uninvited visitors approach.

When positioning outdoor lights, be careful not to shine unwanted light towards your neighbors. Aim a floodlight down at a 45-degree angle and remember a little light goes a long way in pure darkness.

Most of our fixtures are cast aluminum or solid brass and will not rust. An antique brass, rust, verde, black or white finish will remain close to its original appearance, but we can not guarantee that polished brass will keep its luster for more than six months.