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Dining Rooms
Casual Dining
Many fixtures providing light in these areas need to be functional as well as stylish. Consider what activities may take place in the area which you are lighting. Children may be doing homework, or perhaps your family enjoys playing games at a dinette or kitchen table. In such cases you should select a fixture with lights pointing down onto the surface instead of a chandelier with all the lights pointing up towards the ceiling.

However, if you use this area strictly for dining, use indirect lighting with the bulbs pointing upward to create a softer and more relaxing mood.
Formal Chandeliers
Chandeliers provide a key element in the decor of your dining area, and are functional as well. Supplementary lighting with wall sconces, recessed lighting or lamps can also enhance the aura of this room.

A chandelier should be in good proportion to your table, but not necessarily the room. The minimum diameter of the chandelier should be about 6" narrower than the width of your table on each side.

In rooms with 8' ceilings, hang the chandelier so the bottom of the fixture is 29-34 inches above the top of the table. In rooms with higher ceilings, raise the chandelier another 3 inches for every additional foot of ceiling height. Be careful not to block the view of your guests across the table. Also, keep in mind any special centerpieces you may use.

The style of the fixture is important to take into consideration as well. For instance, a single "bowl" or contemporary disk fixture would be more appealing hung at a lower height, while an intricate crystal chandelier may be hung at a higher level so one may appreciate all the various cuts of crystal.

Keep in mind the specific activities that may take place at your table other than dining. If, for instance, you play cards at your table, a fixture with bulbs pointing down or a down light would give you more light. Chandeliers with arms pointing up towards the ceiling may not provide enough light so consider supplementing with two recessed down lights placed 18 inches beyond either side of the outside diameter of the chandelier. Another option is to place 4 recessed fixtures above the four corners of the table.