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Bathroom Lighting
Lighting above your mirror should be centered over the sink to minimize shadowing on your face. If you have two sinks, center a fixture over each sink.

Metro Lighting recommends mounting fixtures on either side of the mirror or sink. Mount them no further than 30 inches apart to avoid shadows and approximately 60 to 66 inches off the floor depending on the height of those who will be utilizing the bathroom.

Light fixtures with translucent white diffusers are the best source to avoid glare, while fixtures with exposed bare bulbs sometimes produce a glare.

Consider the size of your bathroom when selecting your lighting. If your bath is larger than 10'x10', it may require a separate ceiling fixture for general lighting as well as over the vanity area. If you have a separate shower stall, toilet, or tub, choose a specific light for that area. For example, a recessed shower/tub light.

A dimmer control will allow your bathroom lighting to double as a night-light for any unscheduled trips made during the night.